C.A. and FRANKLIN. Which one does the writing, we may never know.

C.A. Bryers was born in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1976. He credits fantasy author Terry Brooks for providing the inspiration to start his own writing where, at the age of 13, he finished his first book. It was a 200 page sequel to Brooks’ THE DRUID OF SHANNARA, a tryout of sorts to see if he had any talent at writing long fiction. The result proved he could write long fiction, but the next goal was to see if he could write GOOD  long fiction.

Over the next several years, he attended as many Creative Writing classes in high school and college as he could. During his high school years, he wrote a five-book series beginning with THE EMERALD MEDALLION, and concluding with THE LAST WARRIOR. Still drawing heavy influence from Brooks’ work, C.A. used the experience to grow as a writer. College brought on a several-year hiatus from writing, but in his early twenties, he felt compelled to try again.

He made several attempts to start a new series. While each one took him further from his roots in traditional fantasy, they all failed to keep his interest. C.A. realized the only way to maintain his focus on a project was to write about something he loved. It was during this time he recalled his fascination with the ocean, and it opened up a universe of possibilities to explore. That was the genesis point for the series that would in 2014 culminate in the release of the first of THE 13th PARAGON books, SCRAPPER, and in 2015 its second half, FROM ASHES OF EMPIRES.

During the lengthy preparation process for release of THE 13th PARAGON books, he wrote a spinoff tale called THE HOLLOW-HEARTED, which, in 2018, will join three other novellas and a short story in the Odyssium Collection: Volume One – IN DARKNESS AND LIGHT.

…which brings us up to date. C.A. is currently editing Book Three of Salla’s Eyes of Odyssium series, and is laying out an ever-shifting release schedule for the next ten (or so) years.