This page is where you will find answers to questions that have been asked in the ASK THE AUTHOR blogs, social media, or in person enough times to warrant an entry. So if your question wasn’t answered in the monthly blog, check here!


Q: With the stories that jump around the timeline in the Odyssium Collection, what order should I read the books in now?

A: At the moment, I still recommend reading the books in order of release. Start with SCRAPPER, and you should be good.


Q: Do I have to have read the 13th PARAGON books to read the later books?

A: Not necessarily, but it does help. I did write HOUSE OF FALLING RAIN as a new access point for people to jump into the series, and I think each Eyes of Odyssium book so far can act as a stand-alone. The important “things to know” are covered in each successive book, but you are missing a lot if you jump in later in the series. The good thing is, the old books aren’t going back into some Disney-like vault or anything, so you can check them out anytime.


Q: Where do you come up with the names in your books?

A: I’ve collected names since I started writing decades ago, so whenever I come across a new one, it goes into a master list I have. They usually come from three different sources: baby-naming books, people or places with interesting names that’ve grabbed my attention, or names I’ve whipped up in my head.