It’s been a hectic last few months, suffice to say. The new baby (or drooling machine) has been a handful, bumping any work related to writing firmly onto the back burner, unfortunately. Still, I’ve been stubbornly beating my head against the wall trying to make headway. 2015 was all about launching the first books in the Odyssium series, and 2016, I hope, is where I take something of a stronger stab at making my presence known amid the vast sea of hundreds of thousands of e-authors.

2015 and the launch of THE 13th PARAGON books was a monumental learning experience. Mistakes were certainly made, and in that regard, I’m glad their respective launches fell on the “soft” side. On the bright side, in those bits of free time after the baby was born, I was able to fix a few nagging things about SCRAPPER and FROM ASHES OF EMPIRES that were…kind of bugging me. A few typos slipped through the cracks despite exhaustive professional editing, and my writing style changed ever so slightly, particularly as far as dialogue tags are concerned. So I cleaned up those scant few typos, one inconsistency, embellished a few things here and there and made for two MUCH stronger books—books I don’t feel that uncertain of any longer. To the early purchasers—from my limited technical understanding—you should be able to download the updated file onto your e-readers without issue (and please do!).

For me, now that those pesky revisions are done, I’m just thankful I get to move on. I’ve been writing and fussing over the PARAGON books in some shape or form for around eight years (more, if you count the time spent compiling ideas and assembling it all into a workable outline), and my process now is much more streamlined. I wrote the first draft of Book Four in just over three months last year, and now I know the pitfalls that are waiting for me further down the road, and have a good idea how they can be circumvented. That means—fingers crossed—future books should definitely not be prolonged, anguished, multi-year birthing efforts. Granted, the kiddo’s arrival threw a wrench in a much tidier process for Book Four, but that was to be expected. With the full-time job, a wife and two kids, I won’t be kicking out a book every few months like some indie authors, but am aiming for at least a novel’s worth of content per year. If I can whip out more, I’ll be happy to do it.

On to 2016. Now that I’m settled and moving on from working on the PARAGON books, it’s time to broaden the horizons a bit. Soon, both books will be available through outlets outside of Amazon and its Kindle reader. Fingers crossed, artwork on THE HOLLOW-HEARTED novella will be ready shortly, and that can at long last be released. And locally, at least, I hope to start doing a few conventions every year where I’ll be wagging physical copies of the books about and spreading the word a bit. Not sure if I’ll be able to snag a table for the upcoming MSP ComiCon, but I have my eye on two later in the year as well. For a hardened introvert like me, the prospect is well outside my comfort zone. But the books are worth the discomfort, and I’m pretty sure I’d go loony if I wasn’t writing them, so we’ll call putting myself out on a limb a necessary evil.

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