THE 13th PARAGON Part I: SCRAPPER (Odyssium Series Vol. 1)



Six years ago, Salla Saar never would have imagined himself the captain of a scrapping vessel—another shark in the predatory waters of the Odyssan Archipelago. Out on the endless blue aboard the Mayla Rose, Salla has found a new life far away from the voices of the past that chased him out here. Although his crew’s latest job offer seems to lack the spark of excitement they’re used to, they take it.

The job: Transport a pair of representatives of a shadow syndicate called Gargazant Ikahn to a clandestine meeting—no questions asked.

For Kitayne, Salla’s partner in both business and other aspects of life, curiosity is a compelling thing, and playing it safe isn’t in the cards. What she uncovers puts the crew of the Rose in deeper water than any into which they’ve ventured —these men intend to kidnap the Gran Senji of the Majdi Order, the spiritual leader of the ruling body of the entire island chain. For Salla and other members of his crew, the revelation becomes a turning point. Do they look the other way and finish the job, or do the right thing? And is the abduction of the Gran Senji the syndicate’s endgame, or is he only one step toward a goal so far-reaching and destructive it could send tremors through the whole of the world?
SCRAPPER is the first part of Salla’s journey down the treacherous road to redemption.


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