He is?

It’s been a long, difficult road to get to this point in the journey to have SCRAPPER find its way into your hands. I started writing it way back in 2008, I believe, with the plan for it to be a single, stand-alone book to throw into the calm, silent waters that hides the Promised Land of a hopeful author: agents and publishers, of course! When the book kept swelling in size to eventually become a near 800-page behemoth, I made the difficult decision to split the book in two. This was slightly more than a teensy little wrench thrown into the works for my plans for traditional publishing. After all, few agents or publishers will give a second glance to a book from a first-time author that doesn’t conclude in one volume. The only other option was to keep it at a whopping 200,000+ word monstrosity, which also is (not always, but more often than not) a death knell for one’s chances at publication the old-fashioned way.

So, self-publishing was the way to go.

When I whipped together that little promo piece above, both books were ready…I thought. Until I shot a sample chapter off to a professional editor to see just how well my many exhaustive passes over the material had fixed things up. The returned sample chapter was what I expected, peppered with notations and suggested changes. Every work can use a second set of critical eyes, and mine was no exception. So, to give you the best product possible, I ponied up the dough to hire the editor, and let my hopeful “Early 2014” release date slip away like Kansas’ old “Dust in the Wind.” I spent quite some time with approvals and fixes to SCRAPPER alone over the next few months, and started work on tweaking up this here fancy website. Again, I was nearing readiness to send SCRAPPER out into the world. So for Halloween, I figured I’d do my annual pumpkin carving and do some promotion for the impending release as well.